Our Philosophy

At the Academy of Animal Arts & Sciences we believe our relationship and co-existence with our pets is the foundation for the nurturing we bestow upon them.

We learn from them to lend and extend ourselves, and in many cases they make our lives more meaningful. We bond with and admire them, we care for them and we decorate themů our furry family members. Our concern for them and their well-being justifies and explains our need to see them in a creative light.

There is a universal unspoken communication that can be so profound in nature, and it is only understood by those of us who have had the great fortune to be part of their lives.

We feel with this in mind, we can offer feeling and expression and further extend our teachings to:

....a program beyond grooming.

Our Educational Objective

The Academy of Animal Arts & Sciences seeks to fill an important need in the pet grooming industry, by providing proper training for those individuals who intend to pursue a pet grooming career.


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